2016 Annual Family Thanksgiving Dinner

We’re Oh So Thankful!

The holidays can be a difficult time for residents living in assisted living or nursing homes, but we try our very best here at The Inn to make all of our residents feel loved and at home. Each year we host a Thanksgiving dinner for our residents and their families to enjoy together, and this year was another successful event that we’re so thankful for.

The Inn residents Ralph and Margie
Residents Ralph and Margie socialize over coffee

We started the evening with a scrumptious meal made by our passionate chefs who spent hours cooking just to see the smiles on our residents’ faces.

It’s already impressive that our chefs are able to make large amounts of wholesome and delicious food each day for our residents, but on this special day they were cooking for their families as well! That makes three things that we were thankful for this year: our staff, our residents, and their families!

The meal was full of Thanksgiving staples like turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, spinach au gratin, cranberry sauce, and homemade pies. We all had full bellies by the time dinner was over, but of course we all made room for pie!

The Inn at Belden Village choir singing
The Inn at Belden Village Choir Singing 50s Tunes

We topped off the evening with a performance by The Inn at Belden Village Choir, singing 50s songs and dressed to match. Looking around, it was heart warming to see residents sing their hearts out while others embraced their loved ones. This year’s Thanksgiving dinner was truly an event filled with love.

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