Fabulous Fifties Family Picnic

The Inn at Belden Village senior assisted living facility is always looking for an excuse to throw a party for our residents. There’s nothing we enjoy more than seeing our residents smiling and having fun, and that’s exactly what we accomplished on Thursday, July 23rd, 2015.

Kids hula-hoop at The Inn at Belden Village family picnic
Some of our residents’ family members are especially adorable!

Every year we host a picnic for our residents and their families are encouraged to come and enjoy it with them. This year we decided to throw a 50s themed picnic, because who doesn’t love the 50s? Our wonderful activity director Debbie Brindack and her assistants worked extra hard to make the event wonderful and transform our activity hall into a 1950s diner.

Sticking to the 50s theme, we had Ryan Parkinson come and sing his renditions of popular songs from the 50s, which the residents loved dancing to. We served classic 50s diner type foods such as hotdogs, hamburgers, and french fries, and we even used black and white checkered tablecloths to add to the 50s diner feel. The best part was that our staff and some of the guests even dressed up in traditional 1950s garb! It was exciting just to see everyone’s outfits… what a blast from the past!

The event was successful as all of our residents had smiles on their faces and got to enjoy spending time with their families. The best part is that we were able to raise over $200 for Alzheimer’s research with bingo and a raffle drawing. Alzheimer’s research is very important to The Inn at Belden Village because some of our residents are affected by the disease, and we want to do all we can to help.

Senior resident assisted living couple
Jim and Nancy Walker attend their first event as residents of The Inn at Belden Village.

Overall our 50s themed family picnic was a great success filled with laughter, food, dancing, and friends. We want to thank everyone who worked so hard to put the event together. We also want to thank more than 200 people who showed up to the event and made it so much fun.

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