Senior Spotlight: Marian & Don Boron

Marian and Don Boron have been with us at The Inn at Belden Village for just four months now and have really been enjoying their time. They couldn’t have asked for a better place to live with the support and care of the kind nurses and staff. Plus, they have quite the setup in their room with two TVs so that they never have to fight about what to watch. They’re such a hoot!

This amazing couple has two children together, Barbara and David. It all started with Don’s cousin who worked with Marian back in the day. With this mutual connection, they were introduced and there was a spark right away. The two were married in 1955, and you could say the rest is history…

About Marian

Marian was born in Steubenville, Ohio and grew up to be an animal and sports lover. She spent her younger years playing golf and basketball for fun. One of the best qualities that Marian has is her passion for people and helping them heal.

For as long as she can remember, Marian has always wanted to be a nurse—and even got a head start on her training! She started her training a bit younger than everyone else at just 17 years of age, and trained until she could get certified at 21. She’s been a registered nurse ever since, spending 15 years at Mercy Medical Center—childhood dreams really do come true!

About Don

Don Boron
Don Boron

Don was born in Canton, Ohio and also grew up loving sports, particularly bowling and baseball, and has fond memories of working in his family’s garden with his mom. Don worked at Republic Steel for many years and played an active role in making supplies for the war.

We couldn’t be happier to have this great couple living with us at The Inn at Belden Village and hope for many more enjoyable years ahead. Schedule a free lunch and tour of The Inn at Belden Village to learn more about what our facility has to offer.