Carol Shotwell: Amazing Artist & Devoted Dog Lover

The Inn at Belden Village resident Carol Shotwell is one of those people who inspires you to get up and create something. Gazing at the artwork and carvings displayed around her room, it’s hard not to be awestruck at the pure talent Carol has. If that wasn’t enough, Carol is also one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and her sweet smiles light up the room.

The Walls of Her Room Tell a Story

The Inn at Belden Village Senior Resident Carol Shotwell's Carved Credenza
Carol’s Credenza with Carved Inserts

Carol started her artistic journey by falling in love with oil painting, and the beautiful landscape painting on the wall proves her passion. Carol spent years delving into countless projects and spending time with her artsy friends who also painted.

The walls of her room tell a story, from the adorable dog paintings that a friend made for her, to her own paintings and carvings that she proudly displays. One of the hardest parts of moving into The Inn at Belden Village for Carol was leaving behind so many of her oil paintings that she doesn’t have room to display, but rest assured, she still has her lifetime of creations stored away for safe keeping. 

The other hard part for Carol was having to give up her two little dogs, Pepper and Sammy. She loves those dogs like they’re her children, and wanted to make sure they had the best home possible before she moved. Luckily, her veterinarian put her in touch with a couple who fell in love with the dogs at first sight. Some of Carol’s favorite times at The Inn at Belden Village have been seeing the dogs that visit so she can get her fill of doggy love. 

An Artist Through and Through

The Inn at Belden Village Senior Resident Carol Shotwell
Carol displaying her carved jewelry box

With a passion for art, it’s no surprise that Carol fell in love with a wood carving hung up at her dentist’s office. But little did she know just how much of an impact that carving had on her. It was after she saw that stunning and unique piece of art when Carol started creating her own, and she kept on carving for the next 20 years after.

In her room you can see some of her carvings on display, including a gorgeous credenza with carved wooden inserts, a couple of carved jewelry boxes, wooden paddles, and even a plate! Although Carol’s hands now prohibit her from carving, she’s got a lifetime of beautiful projects to look back on and share with others.

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