Senior Spotlight: Howard “Walker” Smith

“All it takes is a little caring to make someone see how important life is.”

– Howard “Walker” Smith

A Small Town Boy at Heart

Howard “Walker” Smith was born and raised on a farm in a small town near Cadiz, Ohio. Walker only has great things to say about his grandma who raised him. She was caring and full of love and hope, which in turn made Walker a very loving person himself.

As a teacher and father, it has been Walker’s mission throughout his life to spread love, kindness, knowledge, and faith to others.

Strength From Above

Unfortunately, Walker lost his father at a very young age due to an accident in the coal mine. Although this was an extremely difficult and life changing event to move past, Walker found his strength in God to get him through.

It was right after his father’s death when Walker wandered into his barn to find solace, and he realized that he had so much knowledge from both his father and God. This is the point when Walker really got into woodworking and learned everything he could about the craft.

That same strength Walker found after his father’s death is what helped him through many other losses in his life, including that of his son and wife. There’s no denying that Walker is a man of God, and that strong spiritual relationship is one of the most important is his life. After beating the odds and surviving heart surgery, Walker’s faith has only gotten stronger.

Spreading His Wisdom

hand crafted armoire by senior resident Walker Smith
Walker handcrafted this beautiful armoire that he now uses in his room here at The Inn

After graduating from high school, Walker went on to study education at the Ohio State University. He has taught at so many different places over the years that there’s too many to list, but he has left an impact in various schools around Ohio.

Over the years he has taught just about everything – biological science, history, industrial technology, woodworking, and cabinet making – but his focus has always been on woodworking. Whatever the subject though, Walker has enjoyed teaching children and making them believe in themselves and their futures.

It wasn’t until about 5 years ago that Walker received his Master’s degree in education, proving that learning has no age limit. Walker has lived a very full and satisfying life, and continues to do great things.

Nothing is quite as impressive as Walker’s woodworking skills. Not only did he help build his own house, but he did all the woodworking inside of the house as well. Mostly all of the furniture in his Jackson Township home is his own work, as well as the furniture in his current room at The Inn at Belden Village.

Thank you, Walker, for being such a kind and caring resident. We look forward to many years ahead with you!

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