Senior Spotlight on Paul Knoch: Husband, Father, Builder of the Community

This month The Inn at Belden Village is excited to introduce our senior spotlight Paul Knoch. Paul was born and raised in Canton, Ohio and has remained here all his life. He has the kind of dedication and perseverance that can only be found in a select few. After working through high school, trekking long distances to get to his job, Paul joined the Corps of Engineers in 1942. Although he mostly stayed in the U.S., he did go to Okinawa, Japan after it was secured. Paul built bridges and roads there as well as a press headquarters.

After returning home and leaving the Army in 1946, Paul began working for his dad’s construction company. The company was thriving, but with Paul’s help they were able to incorporate in 1947, and remained in business until 1983. Although they were contractors who mostly built commercial buildings, they would often build houses as they were known throughout Canton for their high quality craftsmanship. Paul’s father was very particular and paid close attention to detail, a quality he instilled in Paul.

Paul's old business card and corner ruler for assisted living senior spotlight
Paul’s wife has his old business card and corner ruler on display in his room.

Paul worked under his dad for 15 years before becoming a supervisor. In his new role, Paul supervised many large projects, most notably the additions to Aultman Hospital which included opening up 6 floors of the hospital and building them out. He and the company also built the original St. Lukes nursing home, Oakwood Middle School, and one of the first additions onto to the Football Hall of Fame. The company has made a positive impact on many important structures in Canton.

Paul says of the company’s work, “I would be very proud to own any of the buildings we built”. Paul takes great pride in the work they did for the city. He explained that they did things differently than most construction companies, having had their own carpenters, brick layers, and even their own painters. Everything was done with great attention to quality and detail. He specifically spoke in great detail about one employee, Albert, who he said was the most dedicated worker you could ever find. Because of that, they created jobs for him in the off-season so that he wouldn’t ever have to be laid off or without work. That kind of compassion and employee appreciation is hard to find.

Paul with his wife Pat posing for assisted living senior spotlight
Paul with his lovely wife Pat

Paul married his beautiful, loving wife Pat in 1964. The story of how the two met is priceless: While Paul’s company was working on Aultman Hospital, Pat was working there for a few doctors. Everyday she would notice Paul and hope he noticed her back. “I chased him until he caught me!”, says Pat. Seeing the couple together could make anyone believe in true love. Looking around Paul’s room, it is clear that Pat has put a lot of effort into making her husband’s room cozy and put-together, and she visits him every single day.

Paul has been with us at The Inn at Belden Village senior assisted living facility for 3 years now. Because of his Neuropathy it is hard for Paul to move around, but having weekly physical therapy sessions give him some relief. “Everyone is very helpful. If you have to be at one of these facilities, The Inn at Belden Village is the place to be”, said Paul of his experience with us.

Paul Knoch has greatly influenced the community with the beautiful buildings he has helped build, and continues to influence many people. We are proud to have such a great man living in our assisted living facility, and look forward to many more years with him.