Stark County’s Dementia Care Specialists

Our facility is fully licensed by the state of Ohio and offers a wide array of events, activities, and exercises that keep your loved one healthy and happy.

Cutting Edge Security for Your Peace of Mind

Making the transition to a care facility is challenging, but your loved ones get to maintain a wonderful level of privacy, making the transition far less alarming. We have:

  • In-suite, motion, and bed-exit monitors that alert our staff of immediate needs
  • 24 hour monitoring implemented for those who wander
  • Personal safety alarms designed to keep all of our residents safe from harm
  • Immediate alerts when assistance is needed

Unique Dementia Care Plans Created to Monitor Each Residents Normal Routine and Avoid Incidents

At The Inn at Belden Village, we use Vigil monitoring system for our dementia care corridor. It is less invasive and more effective.

  • Vigil collects data on our residents’ activities by using censors around the suite
  • Collected data is used in analyzing and developing a unique profile for each resident’s normal routine
  • Routines are then used to flag for deviations, ensuring that your loved one will receive the fastest response when assistance is needed

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The Inn at Belden Village is your answer to dementia care. At The Inn at Belden Village, we know how precious your loved one is to you, and we want you to know they’re important to us, too. Contact us today to schedule your free tour and get the peace of mind you deserve!