Helping Your Loved One Transition From Independent to Assisted Living

Why Make the Transition?

Assisted living is a big adjustment from living independently, so it’s important to understand the differences between the two and which will best suit your loved one and their situation. 

  • Independent Living – Fully equipped apartment-style living for seniors who are very independent with few medical problems.
  • Assisted Living – Private apartment-style living with for seniors who need assistance with daily living activities, medications, meals, and housekeeping.

Perhaps your loved one has recently had a bad accident, or maybe they have been diagnosed with a serious health condition. Being the busy individual you are, it’s impossible for you alone to take care of your loved one all day everyday. This is when you can and should turn to assisted living, where there are professional staff who can watch over your loved one when you cannot.

Some Helpful Tips On How to Prepare Your Loved One

1. Ask Questions

There’s no harm in asking too many questions or knowing too much about your loved one’s condition. Be sure to ask your loved one’s doctor plenty of questions about medication, treatment, and the abilities of your loved one to fully understand what kind of attention they will need in their new facility.

Asking questions is especially important when touring assisted living facilities. This is the best way to determine which facility is best for your loved one.

2. Let the Professionals Take the Lead

The staff at the new facility your loved one will be living at are professionally trained nurses, therapists, and seasoned experts in assisted living and will be able to give you the knowledge you need about their transition. Remember that they have helped thousands of individuals make the transition and are dedicated to doing the same for your loved one.

3. Bring Your Loved One’s Personal Items

The hardest part of this transition for your loved one will probably be leaving their home and everything that makes them feel comfortable. Bring as many personal items as you can such as framed photos, artwork, blankets, books, figurines, etc. Surrounding your loved one with possessions they know and love will mimic the effect of being at home.

4. Get Your Loved One Involved

Community involvement is the best way for your loved one to feel as though they fit in. Just like dropping a child off at college, the transition is easier when they have a friend to count on. Find out about clubs and activities that your loved one can get involved in and encourage them to do so. Attending activities with them when you visit is also a great way to ease them into community involvement.

5. Don’t Feel Guilty

It’s important that you, as your loved one’s decision maker, don’t feel guilty about moving them into assisted living. You must remind yourself that it is the best way to keep your loved one safe and healthy, even if they can’t see the benefits. You have a life to live, too, and there’s no shame in asking for help.

At The Inn at Belden Village we are dedicated to providing quality care to your loved ones as if they were our own mothers and fathers. Our professional staff is nurturing and respectful and we want to help you and your loved one make an easy transition into our facility.

Contact us with any questions or concerns, or to request a free lunch and tour of our assisted living facility.


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