Living With Arthritis

At The Inn at Belden Village, we have residents in our care with medical issues ranging from severe joint pain to Alzheimer’s Disease. No matter your condition, our professional and friendly staff are well-equipped to help make you more comfortable.

Living with arthritis pain can be difficult, even when it comes to small everyday tasks. Read some helpful tips on how to make yourself a little more comfortable…

Pain Management

Dealing with joint pain at your every move of every day can be exhausting. Be sure to talk to a doctor about your arthritis and the pain you’re feeling. Often times doctors can prescribe a medication to reduce inflammation, which will in turn reduce pain.

At The Inn at Belden Village, there are medical staff in the facility at all times to assist when the pain gets bad. In addition, we make sure you get to see a doctor and get your medications. We even offer a transportation service that can drive you to the doctor’s office.

Remember to Relax

All of us want to feel like we can take care of ourselves. But dealing with arthritis can be a challenge that is best navigated with medical help and the support of a loved one. Be sure to ask others when you need help, even if it’s simple tasks that cause you discomfort. When the pain really gets to you, be sure to rest instead of powering through.

The friendly assisted living nursing staff at The Inn at Belden Village are always around to help when you need it!

Get Active, Stay Active

Arthritis generally occurs from inflammation and swelling of the joints. As you gain weight, more pressure is put on your joints, therefore making any existing pain even worse. Weight gain can be avoided by maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and exercising several times a week. The exercise you do doesn’t have to be strenuous, it should just get your muscles, joints, and heart moving. Some light stretching or yoga will do wonders for the pain.

Check out the many activities we offer, including senior exercise classes!

Keep a Positive Attitude

Although it may seem silly, just keeping a positive mindset can help make the pain seem less intrusive. When you allow yourself to give in to the pain and acknowledge it, the pain will only worsen. It’s important to keep a positive outlook and keep yourself happy by doing things you enjoy and visiting with loved ones.

The Inn at Belden Village offers many fun senior activities that encourage socialization and keep your busy throughout the day.

Learn More About The Inn at Belden Village

If your arthritis has gotten bad and is causing you to struggle with everyday tasks, it may be time to consider the benefits of assisted living. To learn more about the care we offer at The Inn at Belden Village, schedule a free lunch and tour of our facility today!