“Just Joy” for Mother’s Day 2021 Celebration

Boy, has it been a tough year! Dealing with the uncertainty and hardships of the pandemic has been particularly challenging for so many people, but our residents have really been put through the wringer! There was so much time there when visitation was not allowed and our residents couldn’t see their families. For many of them, seeing their loves ones on a regular basis is what really helps them to keep going. Not to mention, many of our residents are struggling with health issues that leave them more vulnerable to COVID-19.

Just joy—that’s what we need!

With all that said, they deserve to celebrate and be happy whenever possible, so we went all out this Mother’s Day! It was easy to settle on the theme of “just joy” because that’s exactly what we all needed—a little joy and laughter. To get our residents smiling and giggling, we showed clips of different funny videos and they couldn’t get enough! 

In addition, entertainers Tom and Janet Clark sang for our residents while they enjoyed refreshments and took in all the vibrant decorations meant to brighten up their day. 

Honoring the Mothers and Grandmothers Among Our Residents

Sometimes we just have to stop and remember just how strong and wise our dear residents are. They’ve lived such full lives; so many of them are mothers and grandmothers, even some great-grandmothers! Mother’s Day was a great opportunity to honor them and get everyone enjoying themselves again.

Take a look at some of our fun moments in the slideshow below!