Get Involved In Your Senior Living Community – It’s Important!

One of the many perks of living at a senior assisted living community is being surrounded by people who are in similar situations and stages of life. At The Inn at Belden Village, we foster a caring, supportive, and respectful environment that encourages residents to get involved, socialize, stay active, and make new friends.

Staying social is such an integral part of having a healthy mind and body, and is one of the many ways senior citizens are able to stay upbeat, active, and happy – which is what we want!

Getting and staying involved in your assisted living community helps in the following ways:

1. Improves Mental Health

It’s important to think about physical and cognitive health together as a package deal. When your physical health declines, so does your mental health, and vice versa. So when you’re socializing and getting involved in activities around your assisted living center, you’re staying active and therefore promoting good cognitive health.

Diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia stem from poor cognitive health, so staying active and sharp could lower the risk of developing those.

2. Prevents Isolation & Depression

When your physical health starts to decline, it’s easy to take to your room and become isolated. But research has shown that having a loving support system can actually improve your overall health.

So instead of staying in for the afternoon, try getting out and saying hello to fellow residents. That communication alone has the power to lift that feeling of isolation and put you in a better mood.

3. Puts Your Family at Ease

As silly as it may sound, your family will be able to worry a little less about how you’re doing if they know you’re staying socially active. When your family comes to visit and sees that you’ve made friends and are involved in activities, it will put them at ease knowing you have found happiness in your new home away from home.

4. Builds a Support System

As we’ve already discussed, having a good group of friends promotes an overall healthy state of living. But that support system will also come in handy when you least expect it.

Aging adults often deal with getting bad news about their health or others they know. Having a support system can put your mind at ease knowing that if or when something happens that gets you down, you can count on those people to help you and lift you out of a bad place.

5. Encourages Physical Activity

Assisted living homes like The Inn at Belden Village usually have an abundance of social activities and groups to get involved in, even some exercises classes. When you have a good group of friends who you enjoy spending time with, you’re more likely to participate in those activities and get some physical activity in.

Even if it’s as simple as taking a stroll around the facility, it’s still much better than sitting in your room alone.


Are you looking for an assisted living community that’s the right fit for you? The Inn at Belden Village invites you to take a free lunch and tour of our facility to see all we have to offer. We’ll be waiting with open arms! Contact us today for more information.

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