Senior Spotlight: Joan Kinsey

Joan Kinsey was born in Indiana. As a young girl, Joan loved anything that had to do with animals and kids, and she often babysat kids from the neighborhood. She lived with her family on a farm, so she was always around animals and helping take care of them. Her favorite animal is a dog but she really loved all the different farm animals, especially the babies.

A Natural Caregiver

After high school, Joan starting working right away at a nursing home. Her job was to help take care of the residents, and she ended up working there her whole life. This was very rewarding for Joan and fit with her natural caregiver personality that has been present since she was a little girl babysitting and taking care of farm animals.

A Mother of Three

Joan met her husband while working as they both worked close to each other. The two were married and had three children: Daniel, Michael, and Karen. When her husband got a job in Ohio, they moved their family here and she’s been here ever since. 

Looking Forward to the Years Ahead at The Inn at Belden Village

Joan has been living at The Inn at Belden Village for about two years now and has enjoyed the social aspect of living at our facility. You can always catch Joan sitting out in the lobby striking up conversations with whoever sits down. Her favorite activity is bingo—which seems to be a popular opinion around here! We’ve loved having Joan with us for the last couple years and look forward to many more!