How to Ease the Transition from Independent to Assisted Living

If it is time for your loved one to move to an assisted living facility, both of you may be a little nervous about the transition. After all, giving up one’s home and moving to a new place is never easy, especially at this time of life. But there are many benefits that come from assisted living which you can focus on, and a few techniques that will make the upheaval easier for all of you.

Familiarize Yourselves with the Facility

Visit the facility in person, as there is only so much you can learn from a website, and you and your loved one will definitely want to get the “feel” of a place before moving in. Tour the grounds, investigate the rooms, and meet the staff so that you can appreciate what life would be like there for your loved one. Even after you have decided to call it home, take another visit and have lunch to ease your loved one’s worries and put their mind at ease.

Pack Carefully

To make your loved one feel more secure as they enter their new home, make sure to remember all the important things they need, as well as the clothing, mementos, and special furniture that will matter to them. Making lists is a great way to ensure that you remember everything. Choose whatever categories make sense to you, but lists for Toiletries, Medications, Clothing, Personal Items, and Mementoes are a good place to start.

Make it Feel Like Home

It stands to reason that since this is your family member’s home now, you should make it look and feel like home. To that end, make sure to bring favorite furniture, such as a comfy chair, along with bedding and other personal items. Pictures of family and friends will go a long way to make your loved one feel comfortable as well. Make sure to stock up on favorite snacks or things like books and puzzles, so that your loved one will feel as comfortable as possible.

Encourage Community Involvement

One of the best elements of an assisted living facility are the myriad of ways that your loved one can get involved. In fact, one of the biggest problems elderly face in staying in their own homes is isolation. Embolden your family member to try out activities that they would be interested in, whether it be a card game, a trivia night, a sing-along, or a faith-based activity. This will be the fastest way for your loved one to meet new people and get acclimated to their new environment. You can also help the process along by going through the calendar of events with your loved one to show them what they might like, and even ask for aid to help them find the right place when the time comes.

Visit Often

A move at any age can be difficult, and one of the best ways that you assist in this shift is to visit often, especially at the beginning of the process. You are the familiar figure to your loved one, and seeing you will bring comfort. Additionally, you will be able to help arrange your loved one’s new home in the most helpful configuration. Since you know your loved one so well, you can help introduce them to staff and encourage them to meet the residents who live around them. Beside the fact that it is just nice to visit those we love, you will be able to answer many questions and troubleshoot problems for your loved one so they will feel safer and more secure in their new home.

The friendly and well-trained staff here at The Inn at Belden Village are ready to help you and your loved one transition smoothly into their new living situation. Contact us today to set up a free lunch and tour!