Is Assisted Living or a Nursing Home Better For Your Loved One?

Often times you can tell better than your loved one when it is time for him or her to move to a senior living facility. It’s difficult to allow someone else to take care of your loved one, so it is important to find a facility that will offer the highest quality care in the best environment. There are two distinct types of facilities for seniors: assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Let’s take a look at what makes the two different …

Assisted Living Facilities

For those loved ones who are determined to keep their autonomy and don’t like the idea of being monitored around the clock, assisted living facilities are a great option. Assisted living facilities are typically apartment style suites or rooms that the resident can furnish with his or her own belongings to feel more at home, but with proper care.

Simple things like taking out the trash or vacuuming, and even getting dressed and eating, can become a challenge for seniors, so the goal of assisted living is to let the residents keep their sense of autonomy but give them help with day-to-day custodial chores. The benefit of moving your loved one to an assisted living facility is that there are always trained staff around to help if a problem arises.  

Aside from having their own apartment or room, residents in an assisted living facility share virtually everything else like meal time, laundry service, recreational activities, and more. If your loved one is still active but doesn’t often engage in social activities, assisted living is a great option to help your loved one make new friends and get involved in fun activities with other residents.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are best for those who require round the clock help with activities such as eating, dressing, and going to the bathroom, those who have severe cognitive impairment, or suffer from a severe medical issue.

Because nursing homes are typically for individuals requiring greater medical care, these facilities tend to be more expensive than assisted living facilities. However, most nursing homes accept residents with Medicare or Medicaid so much of the cost is subsidized by those government programs. Whatever the case, no cost is too high to ensure that your loved one is receiving the best care.

Which Is Best?

First determine what level of care your loved one needs. If he or she is still somewhat independent and wants to live in an environment that feels like home, then an assisted living facility is probably a better option. If your loved one needs a lot of attention and medical care, than a nursing home is the best option. If you would like for your loved one to be cared for at The Inn at Belden Village, our trained staff will come to your home to assess the needs of your loved one.

Remember that there will most likely be some opposition from your loved one to moving to either type of facility, so it helps to be prepared and know that moving your loved one to a facility where help is just around the corner is the safer option. For tips on choosing the best facility, check out How Do I Choose the Best Community for My Loved One?

The Inn at Belden Village senior assisted living community has been voted Best Assisted Living  2 years in a row in the Canton Repository Readers’ Choice contest. We are always striving to provide the highest quality care to our residents. If you have been looking for an assisted living facility for your loved one, visit The Inn at Belden Village for a free lunch and tour and discover why we are the best choice.