Senior Spotlight: Italian Stallion Livio Pelosi

Bravery At Its Best

Livio Pelosi has been with us at The Inn at Belden Village for just a little over a month now, but he has by far one of the most interesting and memorable stories around. Livio was born to Italian parents in America and spent his childhood working on a farm and in a mine to help the family. He and his parents then returned to Italy right before the start of World War II. Because he was an American citizen living in Italy, Livio was targeted by the Italian Army and they tried hard to recruit him to fight. 

During the war, Livio was essentially being “hunted” and was forced to live in the “underground” in the woods for roughly two years with a group of people. He aided in the liberation of some American prisoners who then joined the group and lived in the woods to stay safe. Livio may have lost some family and friends during that frightening time, but he never lost sight of the strong and honest person he is. 

The Start of a New Life

Once Livio was living back in America, he was drafted into the Army and sent to Korea for five years. During that time, Livio met his beautiful wife who he fell madly in love with, and the two were married in the year of 1953. Livio and his wife had three daughters and two sons together, who he is very proud of. 

A Special Talent to Share

Since coming to The Inn at Belden Village, Livio has charmed the other residents with his special talent—playing the accordion! He’s been playing since he was just 13 years old when a friend of his taught him how to play. In fact, Livio was so talented that this friend decided to give him his accordion!

Today you can catch Livio playing “America the Beautiful” and “God Bless America”—two of his all time favorite songs to play on the accordion. Around our facility, Livio is known as the “Italian Stallion” because he’s always dressed to the nines and blowing kisses to all the ladies. We’re so grateful to have Livio with us and can’t wait for the times ahead!