Mary Lou Young: Wife, Mother, Caregiver, Adventurer

Mary Lou’s Early Years

Mary Lou Young was born in Mercy Hospital in Canton, Ohio. She was an only child, something that was rare back then, but Mary Lou didn’t mind it. She was inspired early on by her mother to go into nursing because she was a nurse during World War II and cared for Mary Lou’s grandmother throughout her childhood.

Mary Lou acted on her aspirations of becoming a nurse by attending Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When she came back to Ohio after college, Mary Lou ended up meeting her husband at a young professionals meeting while he was working at Timken.

No More “Only Children”

Because Mary Lou was an only child, she didn’t want to make any more “only children”, so she and her husband had plans of having many children. They started off having 3 boys all close in years, and then finally had a girl 4 and a half years later! Her three sons are Dave, Rich, and Ken, and her daughter is Mary Kay.

Mary Lou and her husband had a lot of amazing memories with their 4 children while they were growing up. They often went on family vacations to the beach, a tradition that she and her husband didn’t stop after the kids went off to college. In fact, their trip to Bermuda was Mary Lou’s first time ever leaving the United States!

One of her most favorite trips was a recent cruise to Alaska with her daughter. The two of them made great memories there, and Mary Lou will never forget the gorgeous sights she saw. 

It turns out that Mary Lou’s children have the travel bug as well… Four of her five children now live out of state, one of whom lives in New York City. Mary Lou loves when her son sends pictures of the city because she gets to live vicariously through him. She couldn’t be more proud of all of her children, and they all see each other as much as they can.

A New Chapter

Mary Lou is such a vibrant, kind-hearted, and gentle woman who has proven how strong she is through life’s many challenges. After staying by her daughter’s side through her fight against cancer, and losing her husband, Mary Lou still maintains a positive outlook on life. Thankfully today her daughter is cancer-free and healthy!

After a rough fall that resulted in a broken hip, Mary Lou came to The Inn at Belden Village in 2015. She has been enjoying her time here with us, getting involved in The Inn at Belden Village Choir and joining in on exercise classes. 

“I love being at The Inn. Everyone is so pleasant and it’s a great atmosphere to be in. They try to accommodate me in any way they can,” says Mary Lou.

We’ve loved having Mary Lou living at our assisted living facility, and we look forward to the journey ahead! 

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