Senior Spotlight: Carol Bercaw

Carol Bercaw was born in Canton, Ohio and grew up having a great childhood. Some of her fondest memories were made at her grandparents’ house—she loved visiting them whenever she could. At just five years old, Carol started learning how to be a majorette at a local dance studio and went on to dance for years after. She was also involved in the choir and enjoyed singing. 

A Book Lover Through and Through

Carol spent most of her career working at a school where she was in charge of helping kids read and getting them excited about reading. This is the perfect job for an avid reader and book lover, and Carol is just that! The best part about the job was that she loved the kids and they truly loved her back. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing that spark in a child’s eye while reading a good book.

In addition to her career as an educator, Carol also spent time as a bookkeeper for her and her husband’s funeral business. Among these responsibilities, Carol was also a mother to their son Ronald and the three were always busy traveling. You could say she did it all! 

The Definition of a Strong Woman

Sadly, Carol’s husband passed away after a long and hard fight with a rare disease that only one other person in the country had at the time. Carol spent a lot of time by her husband’s side taking care of him—she’s the definition of a strong woman. Luckily, her son lives nearby The Inn and visits her often, plus she has two beautiful grandchildren, Julie and Allie, who she gets to see from time to time as well. 

When Carol’s not deep into a book (nonfiction only), you can find her socializing around the The Inn with the other residents. She’s always got a lovely smile on her face and something interesting to say, which explains why she’s made so many friends in her time here with us. We couldn’t be happier to have Carol in our midst, and we look forward to the years ahead with her!