Delores: Mother, Hardworking Career Woman and Social Butterfly

It All Started With a Loving Family in Union City

Delores is from a loving family in Union City, Pennsylvania. With plenty of bothers and sisters in the house, Delores was never one to get bored or just sit around the house. Sundays were always dedicated to church and Sunday school, and afternoons were spent staying busy playing outside or doing things around the house.

Delores and her two sisters all realized they had an interest in singing, and the trio soon became a hit around their small town, particularly in her uncle’s club where they often performed. Because of the girls’ mother and her humble nature, they never accepted money for their performances—it was just for fun!

A Smart and Hardworking Mother of Two

Delores has always enjoyed working with people and getting to know them. She fondly remembers her career at a greenhouse and garden center where they often supplied flowers to Fisher Foods and other stores in the area. There she had the opportunity to meet and work with a lot of different people, and that was truly her favorite part of the job.

Delores also worked at Greyhound for several years where she was in charge of organizing and giving out bus schedules. On top of her career, Delores was also busy being a mother to her two amazing sons, one of whom lives around here so she gets to see him often.

She’s even had her run with the glamorous lifestyle of modeling! She was a beautiful young girl and spent a short time modeling for a few local department stores. Although that career is behind her, Delores still lights up every room with her kindness and beauty (inside and out).

Delores has been with us at The Inn at Belden Village for several years now and continues to be a social butterfly. We’re so lucky to have a resident like her and look forward to our time together in the coming years!

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