Senior Spotlight: Evelyn Kibler

Evelyn (Evie) Kibler was born in Bucyrus, Ohio, the bratwurst capital of America. She fondly remembers going to the bratwurst festivals in her town. Growing up, Evie recalls that her family, like most of the other families in the area, didn’t have much money. After all, she was born just before the start of the Great Depression and grew up in the thick of it. But because most people were in the same boat in her neighborhood, she never really noticed and she never felt like she had to go without anything she needed.

Farm Girl by Marriage

When Evie met her husband, he had just come back from the Air Force. The two started dating and soon got married. Her husband was raised on a farm and had plans to carry that on, so Evie became a farm girl by marriage. They had three kids that they raised on the farm, and Evie says she couldn’t have asked for a better place for her kids to grow up. Evie herself was a leader in the 4H program, and her kids got involved as well. It was really a great experience all working together on the farm and taking care of the animals. 

Getting Active at 50

Many people start to slow down once they get older, but not Evie! At 50, she decided she would pick up some new activities, so she started cycling, downhill skiing and golfing. She would bike as many as 50 or 100 miles at a time with her friends or her husband.

And they weren’t confined to the States, either! She’s biked through Europe and has had quite the overseas adventures. In fact, she and her husband have traveled to just about every place you can imagine—China, Peru, Africa, Haiti, the Galapagos Islands, and more. She also did a lot of traveling with her daughters to many different places. Evie believes she has been very lucky to get to travel to so many amazing places and will always cherish those memories.

Coming to The Inn at Belden Village

Evie has been at The Inn at Belden Village for just about a month out of the new year so far. Although it has been an adjustment for sure, Evie really loves how kind and helpful everyone has been. She has already ventured into the exercise classes we offer, and loves getting in on trivia. We love having Evie here with us!