Senior Spotlight: Florence Renau

A Southern Belle with a Beautiful Accent to Match

As soon as you start talking to Florence, you’ll notice her beautiful and charming southern accent. Florence Renau was born and raised in Georgia. Although she grew up a farm girl, the family left the farm when she was 12 years old and exchanged farm life for city life in a 3rd floor apartment in Savannah, Georgia. That was quite a big change for a little girl who had grown up on a farm! 

Florence and her three siblings enjoyed Savannah while they were there and held down the fort while her parents worked the shipyard during the war. Later on her parents started a business in Charleston, South Carolina, so the family moved there. 

A Mom to a Talented Interior Designer

Florence Renau's Room at The Inn at Belden Village

Florence’s son is so important to her, and she’s grateful she gets to see him often. He is actually an interior designer and is the one who helped make Florence’s room at The Inn at Belden Village look so nice and well put together. 

In her short time at The Inn at Belden Village, Florence has enjoyed the different bands that come to play and loves trivia. Stepping into her room, you’ll notice not only how amazing it looks, but that there are a lot of plants and flowers! Florence loves having the plants to take care of and look at, and she even sometimes ventures out into bird watching from her room window!

The Future with Florence

We’ve enjoyed the short time we’ve had with Florence so far and we can’t wait to get to know her better! She’s such a sweet, kind woman with plenty of stories and knowledge to spread. 

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