Senior Spotlight: Marilyn Redosh

Growing Up in the Ohio Valley

Marilyn Redosh was born and raised in Martins Ferry, Ohio, along the Ohio river. As a child, Marilyn was never the type to stay in—she was always outside socializing. She really enjoyed playing with Barbies and playing games with the other kids in the neighborhood, particularly Monopoly and Candy Land. Marilyn went on to high school and became a majorette, which is why she can still kick her leg up today as an 85 year old woman—can you believe it?

But beyond playing Monopoly or being a majorette, what she remembers most from growing up in the Ohio Valley is the type of people that she was surrounded by. She explains that what makes the area so distinct is the kindhearted and helpful nature of the people there.

The Love of Her Life

Marilyn remained in the Ohio Valley until she married her husband Paul. The two met while working at Pittsburgh Steel, which is where her husband continued to work for his entire career. The job often took the two to different locations, which is something that Marilyn enjoyed. She not only liked to see new places but also to learn more about the people in each place. Paul and Marilyn had two daughters together and truly had an amazing marriage. They spent a lot of quality time together, often playing golf with other couples and always doing fun activities together. She thanks God every day for her beautiful marriage.

A Great Experience at The Inn

Since coming to The Inn at Belden Village nearly a year ago, Marilyn has been enjoying her time with us. She explains that she feels so safe and well taken care of, and says that the people at The Inn are all kind of like a big family. “We’re always doing plenty of fun things. You can be busy all day here if you want to be,” says Marilyn. Her favorite activities include going on organized trips to concerts around town, creating skits with the other residents, playing euchre, and reading books in the library.

If you ever get a chance to meet Marilyn, you’ll quickly find that she’s one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. She has a great outlook on life and goes out of her way to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. It has truly been a pleasure having here here with us the past year.

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