Senior Spotlight: Peggy Sabol

Peggy Sabol was born in 1928 in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, and grew up with four siblings. While some might say having that many kids in the home is hectic, Peggy loved having all the company and it was certainly never boring. 

Traveling the World

Within a year and a half of graduating high school, Peggy met her dear husband in 1948 and the two were married the next year. Because her husband was sent on so many assignments for his job, Peggy got to travel all around the world, including Turkey, Germany, Mexico, and New Zealand, just to name a few. But it was more than just traveling—they actually lived in some of these places! 

Peggy was in her 50s when she and her husband went to Turkey and stayed near the Sea of Marmara. What she remembers most is that there was such an interesting and different way of life there. There were no grocery stores where you could pick up everything you needed in one place. There were fruit and vegetable stands off the roads and people who sold meat and fish. Everything was so fresh and processed foods were nonexistent. It’s the experiences like this that make Peggy so grateful to have lived such a full life, and she did it alongside her wonderful husband. 

She Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve

Peggy and her late husband had two children together. Their boys are now 65 and 70 years old and have given Peggy her cherished grandkids. According to her, Peggy’s been a lucky girl and looking back on her life brings her so much joy… tears of joy! That’s the best thing about Peggy is that she wears her big heart on her sleeve. It’s been such a pleasure having Peggy with us here at The Inn, and we look forward to the years ahead with her.