Senior Spotlight: Ruth Moledor

Ruth Moledor lights up The Inn at Belden Village with her contagious smile, sweet demeanor, and mad dancing skills. She absolutely loves to dance and make people smile, and she’s been doing it ever since she was a little girl. Ruth was born in North Canton, Ohio. She was an ornery little girl by her own account, and she spent her childhood going to camp, dancing, reading, and always always smiling. 

Ruth & Joseph

Ruth met her dear husband Joseph at the high school they attended together. Joseph went off to the Army, but fate brought them together again. Ruth’s parents owned a restaurant in town and Joseph happened to see Ruth’s picture on the wall and recognized her from school, which prompted him to ask about her. Although Joseph was Catholic and Ruth is Protestant—an intermingling of religions was frowned upon at the time—the two were inseparable and ended up running off together to get married. They were happily married for 53 years and raised two amazing children together. Their son is now a policeman and their daughter is a nurse at Aultman hospital. Ruth is also very proud to be a grandma of four and a great grandma!

Finding Her Love of Gardening

Ruth spent a lot of her time early on volunteering for 4H, the nation’s largest youth organization. Through the program she got to raise cattle, chickens, bunnies, and more, and that was also when she really got into gardening. Still today, Ruth loves gardening and is actually the reason why The Inn at Belden Village created the gardens outside the facility. Just a few of her favorite flowers include Daffodils and Violets.

Making the Most of Her Time at The Inn at Belden Village

Ruth has been here at The Inn at Belden Village for about four years now, and really enjoys getting involved in nearly every activity there is here. She loves to garden, she sews in the sewing club, plays cards with the other ladies, sings and dances, reads in her spare time, and loves watching movies. Ruth is truly a joy to have around and makes everyone around her happy. We’ve enjoyed every minute of the last four years with you, Ruth, so here’s to many many more!