Senior Spotlight: Virginia & John Costantini

The story of Virginia and John is one of those classic love stories that makes you say “aww”. Both of them grew up in Ohio, one in Steubenville and the other in Weirton. The two came together in the most coincidental of ways and have been happy together ever since.

Virginia’s Big Italian Family

Virginia had a wonderful childhood spent playing with her many cousins and staying close with her large, Italian family. In addition to spending much of her time with family, Virginia was also involved with volleyball and softball throughout school. Virginia speaks very fondly of her mother who would always do anything for her. She’d even go as far as turning back the clocks while Virginia was out on dates with John so that her father wouldn’t be mad about her returning late. 

It All Started at a Drug Store

Virginia worked in a drug store during her early years and ended up making that her lifelong job because she loved it so much. She worked for a brief time in a steel mill as tin flopper (the person who sorted the sheets of tin), but didn’t enjoy it—so back to the drug store she went. It was while Virginia was working there that John came in one day and asked if she had a brother. He said that she reminded him of someone he knew, and it turned out to be Virginia’s brother. John continued to come back to the store and talk to Virginia for quite a while, until finally Virginia took a bold step and asked if they were ever going to go out. And so they did!

John’s Strong Work Ethic

John grew up as a shy boy (so it makes sense that Virginia had to make the first move) who went to catholic school and started working at a young age. His parents didn’t speak English, only Italian, and his father’s strong Italian work ethic came into play when he sent John off to work at a bakery at the young age of nine. He’d get up in the middle of the night to deliver bread around town. Although there were times when John just wanted to sleep in or go outside and play instead of make deliveries, that experience instilled a strong work ethic in him that he carried through to his career at the steel mill. John was responsible for pouring steel into molds—and he did that for 45 years. 

Happily Ever After

Together Virginia and John have two daughters, Kim and Paula, as well as two granddaughters and two grandsons. Although moving to The Inn at Belden Village just a couple months ago was a difficult change for the couple, they are fortunate to get to see their family quite often. Their favorite activities since moving here have been bingo, movie days and outings around town. Both Virginia and John can’t say enough about how much they’re enjoying The Inn at Belden Village and how nice of a facility it is. We’re overjoyed to hear such great feedback from our new friends!

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