How do I start the conversation about assisted living with my loved one?

Talking with your loved one about a change to assisted living can be stressful and overwhelming for both of you. It must be handled with respect and dignity. Research your options ahead of time so you have some facts to present about the progression of any disease they may have, as well as the assisted living communities available. Address their fear of loss of independence and loneliness. Let them help make the decision.

It’s especially difficult when you have to tell a parent that it is time they need help, and they don’t think so. Frequently, our parents do not want to believe that they are slipping, and they definitely don’t want to move from their comfortable homes and possessions. No one wants to lose their independence or to be locked away from friends, family and pets.

Start the Conversation Early If Possible

We recommend starting this conversation early. It is easier to talk about it before it is needed. Hypothetical situations are not as ominous as real ones. This gets both of you time to think through the process and accept what is best for your family.

Follow These Tips

Whether you start the conversation early or when it is actually needed, try these approaches:

  • Tell them you love them and care about them.
  • Explain that they have helped people for years, and now it is time to let others help them.
  • Ask them to tour some assisted living communities with you so you can decide together. (Choose some from your research that will attract their attention and fit their lifestyle. You may have even looked them over first before arranging this tour. These may be vastly different than what they are picturing.)
  • Explain the benefits of having someone monitor their medications, do their laundry, housekeeping, and meal preparation for them.
  • Encourage them by telling them that by allowing someone else to worry about all the chores, they can now spend their energy on fun activities, trips and friends.

Let them know that Assisted Living specializes in maintaining their choices, independence and dignity.

Be Safety Conscious

Being the caregiver for your parent is difficult. It feels like you have become the parent, and they are the child. Even though it is difficult, you must be concerned about the health and safety of your parent to a point that you will do whatever is necessary to ensure it. Helping your loved one make this difficult decision may avoid accidental falls, medication overdoses, and missed dosages of key medicines which are leading causes of hospitalizations and even death for seniors. Many seniors do not eat nutritious meals leading to poor health and failing immune systems.

Get Peace of Mind

Knowing that your parent is in a quality assisted living community can give you the peace of mind you need to sleep at night. You know they are being fed healthy meals, receiving the proper medications, and receiving help anytime they need, 24 hours a day. With only a short time for adjustment to the change, they will be involved in fun activities, healthy exercises, and making new friends. There is someone there to call you if you are needed. Now you can get the rest you need to stay healthy and enjoy the times you spend with your parent.

Contact Us for Help Today

Arrange to bring your parent in for a tour today. We would love to show them the advantages that there are in leaving home and moving to assisted living. Contact us to arrange a tour and free lunch in our dining room. Let us know how we can help you with this transition.