What to Look For When Researching Assisted Living Facilities

Making the decision to move a loved one into a senior assisted living facility is hard enough. But then you must go through the process of choosing the right facility, which can be overwhelming and confusing. Often times the best facility you can find will break the bank, and the cheapest one you can find won’t care for your loved one like you would. Here’s a few things we recommend starting with when researching assisted living facilities.


Taking a tour of the facility you are researching will give you the best idea of what it’s like. Often times you can tell what the environment of a place is like just upon walking through the door.

  • Are people friendly and smiling?
  • Is the facility updated, clean, and well-maintained?
  • Do you see many seniors up and about?
  • Are there many staff members?
  • Do they present you with an information packet upon your visit?

Physical Features

Considering physical features and amenities of the facility is a must. Here are a few things to ask about:

  • How big is the facility? How many acres?
  • What special areas or rooms do you have for the residents?
  • When was the facility last updated or remodeled?
  • Can all areas of the facility be easily navigated?
  • Is the facility handicap friendly?
  • Are apartments designed for ease of use?
  • How many trained and licensed nurses are on staff?


Trusting in a senior assisted living facility to take care of your loved one is a hard thing to do. Making sure that there are plenty of top-notch services for the residents will put your mind at ease knowing your loved one will be well taken care of. Here are some services you should look for:

If you haven’t found the right senior assisted living facility yet, consider The Inn at Belden Village for your loved one’s new home. It is our mission to care for your loved ones as if they were our own family.