Why Physical Activity is Important for Seniors at Assisted Living Facilities

As we grow older, it can become more and more difficult to maintain our physical fitness. The very changes that can make physical activity more difficult also make it more important, which is why assisted living communities, like our own, provide a wide variety of senior activities for their residents. Before forfeiting your next fitness goal, remember that the benefits of physical exercise aren’t just for the young.

Improve Physical Quality Of Life

Health experts have reported that physical activity improves overall quality of life and also extends life expectancy (cdc.gov). As we age:

  • Our muscles shorten
  • Our bones grow brittle
  • Our coordination and balance may decrease

Fortunately, exercising can solve all of these problems, and that’s why the best assisted living facilities have a wide range of senior activities.

The benefits of physical activity for seniors is far reaching:

  • Stretching routines can lengthen the muscle tissues that shorten as we age
  • General exercising improves our bone density, coordination, and balance
  • Cardiovascular health problems can also be solved with regular exercise

Even a light intensity level of exercise can help to improve heart health. Regular cardiovascular exercise helps fight common flus and colds and increases respiratory health, all of which contribute to reducing the risk of vascular occlusion, or blockage in the body’s arteries.

Improve Mental Quality of Life

We usually associate old age with forgetfulness, but this does not have to be the case. Physical exercise increases the amount of oxygen and blood circulating through our brains, which can improve our overall mental health. This increases our cognitive abilities, which means that our memories and mental focus do not need to decline as we age.

Although health professionals have not yet found a way to stop Alzheimer’s completely, it has been proven that exercise reduces the effects of the disease and the chances of developing it. The best assisted living homes have regular physical and mental exercises included in their senior activities program in order to help residents battle the forgetfulness common in old age.

Improve Emotional Quality of Health

Many elderly people report feeling depressed. Sometimes their spouses and closest friends have passed on, and days can feel long and boring after retirement. Exercising can also solve this aging concern.

Physical activity naturally boost moods, even if the exercise is light to moderate intensity. The next time you feel down, go for a walk around your neighborhood. The body is filled with endorphins when we exercise, and these changes in brain chemistry can make us feel uplifted and capable.

Physical Activity With The Inn At Belden Village

At the Inn at Belden Village, we understand the importance of physical activity as we age. This is why we maintain a schedule of senior activities on our calendar for our residents. We take into consideration our residents’ physical limitations as we encourage them to stay active with exercising. Feel free to ask us about scheduling a free tour and lunch to learn more about our assisted living facility and senior care options.