Spreading Holiday Cheer: A Guide to Brightening the Lives of Loved Ones

There is always a special buzz in the air during the holiday season. The lights seem brighter, people are more filled with cheer, and there are many reasons to enjoy special time with family and friends. But if you have a loved one living in an assisted living facility during this holiday season, you might be feeling overwhelmed about how to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year in a new way. Even though things might be different this year, there are still many ways to enjoy the holiday season like you have in years past, while still having room to make new memories this year.

Decorate their Space

One way to make your loved one feel happier during this holiday season is to decorate their room for the holidays. Bringing decorations from their home will help them to feel more comfortable, and make them remember holidays of the past. Even though the decorations might need to be tailored to their new space, they will still feel the special joy of the holidays. Check with the facility to see about any rules for lights or other decorations, and then help your loved one get in the holiday spirit with decorations!

Keep the Memories Flowing

Another way to connect with family members during the holidays is to recall times of joy and fun from past holidays. Bringing pictures in an album or on your phone is a great way to bring the memories to the forefront. Telling stories is another way to celebrate all of the good times of the past. Reminding your loved ones of all the previous good times with a walk down memory lane is a special way to brighten their lives during the holiday season. Although some people might worry that it might make loved ones feel bad, nostalgia is a gift that will remind your family of how loved they are.

Hold On To Beloved Traditions

Making gingerbread house

Even though your loved one’s surroundings have changed, it is still possible to hang on to beloved traditions. For instance, if you have always gathered the grandchildren on a specific day for games, you can continue this practice at the assisted living facility. If there were special meals or treats involved in your holiday festivities, you can bring them on location to your loved one in the assisted living facility. At The Inn at Belden Village, you can even reserve our beautiful and spacious dining room and bring food in to prepare for your family fun. Continuing holiday traditions will help your loved one feel loved and included during the holiday season.

Create New Memories

Reading Christmas book

Even as you cling to traditions of the past, there is definitely room to start new traditions if your loved one is living in an assisted living facility. It is important to be compassionate about things your loved one may no longer be able to do. Focus on the positives and find new activities, such as a movie or simple craft, that your loved one will be able to enjoy. The activities might change, but the love and caring, as well as the family time, is still there. One way that you can create new memories with your loved one is to attend community events at the assisted living facility where they live. Often there will be games, crafts, and caroling to make the holiday season brighter, and you can enjoy these events with your family members.

Bring Appropriate Gifts

If gift giving has been an important part of your holiday tradition in the past, you can keep up the holiday gift giving. Consider your loved one’s new home, and you might need to tailor the gifts to fit the new space. Your loved ones will not need a lot of clutter in their assisted living rooms, but small personal gifts, plants, or pictures would bring joy and a feeling of being at home. Check out these gift ideas if you are not sure what would work best. Comfortable clothing or special blankets are always welcome, and you might consider an electronic gift like an ipad or electronic picture frame to help your loved one stay connected to family and friends.

Brighten the Day

Smiling couple with santa hats

At the end of the day, we all know that our family and friends are what truly matter, and there are many easy ways to keep these relationships thriving, no matter where your loved ones live. If you are still struggling with the transition of a family member moving to an assisted living facility, check out these tactics to help you to stay connected. At The Inn at Belden Village, we work hard to make your family members feel welcome, and to treat them like our own family. Peruse our facility today if you are looking for a loving environment for a family member. We are dedicated to honoring traditions, respecting a person’s history, and brightening the lives of your loved ones at the holidays and always.