apple crisp

Apple crisp is the perfect cozy, fall dessert that comes together in a pinch. Served alongside some vanilla ice cream, it’s always a crowd pleaser—and a definite favorite among our residents! Because this recipe requires quite a bit of apple...

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creamed spinach

With fall quickly approaching, it’s nice to have some warm, comforting dishes lined up for those weeknight dinners. This creamed spinach recipe should be high on that list—it’s definitely at the top of many of our residents’ lists here at...

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Frosted Orange Salad

With the crazy heat we’ve had so far this summer, I think it’s safe to say we’re all in need of a refreshing, cool treat at gatherings and parties. This Frosted Orange Salad is sure to impress at your next...

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Italian Stuffed Peppers

Craving a delicious, restaurant quality snack? Chef Joe’s Italian Stuffed Peppers aren’t your typical stuffed peppers… These are a brilliant combination of prosciutto and cheese inside a tasty banana pepper. Try them out for yourself—they’re easy and fun to make...

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Ingredients: Cubed steak Flour Salt Pepper Beef stock 1 medium onion Cooking oil Directions: 1. Season flour with salt and pepper 2. Dredge cube steak in flour 3. Fry cube steaks with oil over medium heat in skillet (about 2...

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